"Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder” and in Google Search Data

Find Niche keywords related to Botox and associated terms and understand how you can leverage Tachitools for your business, e-commerce or content ideas.

Whether you are a cosmetic surgeon or a brand that makes beauty products or a lifestyle journalist, you can now look into Google searches for “top” and “rising” related keywords to your main keywords of interest.

Top searches or “most-searched” keywords are the most-searched queries in a specific time frame.

Trending (or rising) searches are those that are accelerating the fastest in search volume for a given geography and time frame of your choice.

So far despite all the chatter about ChatGPT, people are still entering keywords into search engines. We need to think of keywords as 3 major categories -  “Head Terms or The Fat Head”, “Chunky Middle” and “Longtail”.

Keywords 101

Head Terms of The Fat Head - These are mostly 1 or 2-word keywords that people enter into a search engine. Think of these like keywords without any qualifiers of location, weather, intent, symptom, benefit, feature etc. Examples can include - botox, anti-ageing cream etc.

These keywords have the highest search volume and are typically associated with the information-gathering phase of a searcher's journey.

Chunky Middle - These keywords have more qualifiers and may range from 3 to 6 keywords in a single keyword. Examples can be Botox for pale skin, anti ageing cream for freckled skin etc.

These keywords have moderate search volume. These keywords are typically associated with the research or comparison phase of a searcher's journey.

The Long Tail - The long tail refers to keywords with a deep and narrow focus. Examples of keywords here can be “Should I get a botox in the winter or summer for my dark skin”, “Pros and cons of using anti-ageing cream in my 30s” and so on.


Here is a visual representation of how to think of these types of keywords from Ahrefs, a great SEO tool.



Research Methodology

Globally, Google is the biggest search engine with a market-dominating share of 92% of the market share. About 8.5 billion searches are conducted daily on Google.

As a user, we don't expect you to specify what the ‘rising’ and ‘top’ keywords might be. All we ask of a user to specify the following 3 pieces of inputs:

  1. Up to 5 individual root keywords - On www.tachitools.com, with a single credit you can enter up to 5 keywords. Each keyword can be a fat head, chunky middle or long tail keyword. 

We recommend starting with head terms and finding some top and rising keywords of interest and then gradually working towards the chunky middle and long tail keywords.

  1. The time range of your choice - We recommend setting a 3-year time range from the current month while looking back. In some cases, you may want to go back to a 5-year time frame.
  2. The geography of your choice - You can choose the country, state or city of your choice. We do not have access to all the cities but we show the locations in the drop-down menu that we do have “some” data for.


To demonstrate the power of our platform, we chose the following criteria:

  1. Keywords - Botox, Oil of Olay, Anti ageing cream, Anti ageing Serum
  2. Time Frame - Last 4 years
  3. Geography - United States

Here are the “top” searches we found:

Here are the “rising” searches we found:

Top Data Insight from Top Searches

Of all the “top searches”, the one most interesting to me was “lip flip”.

I had to find out what a “lip flip” was. 

A lip flip is a procedure that uses neuromodulators, such as Botox, to relax a muscle in the upper lip, causing the lip to "flip" and giving the appearance of a fuller upper lip. The procedure is different than getting lip fillers, which are injections directly into the lip, as opposed to above it. 

Top Data Insight from Trending Searches

I changed the filter “Type” from “Top” to “Rising” in case there was another interesting insight I could pull and share with you.

There are two such insights that appealed to me:

  1. Lip Flip Near Me - The absolute search volume for the entire US is quite small at 18,100. The massive increase in percentage growth shows that if you are a cosmetic surgeon you should be including “Lip Flip” as a service in your local listings on Google Maps and other mapping listings and directories.
  2. Before & After - I would have expected that potential customers of medical procedures were always potentially interested in before and after pics. But it was good to see that being validated with data.

Again, if I was a cosmetic surgeon, I would ensure that my digital presence always had these images to validate any concerns that my potential customers may have.

If you want access to a full report of all ‘Top’ and ‘Trending’ related searches for this blog post, all you have to do is create a free account at www.tachitools.com  and this report will be added to your account.  


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