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Key use cases for trend spotting with Trending Topic Finder

Content Creator

Find the topics that people are actually interested in at an increasing scale. And then create in-depth, engaging content to acquire readers, customers and links. Discover these trending searches in your vertical and geography before your competitors do with the Tachitools Trending Topic finder.


A paper from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute found that 43% of time an increase in trading volume for stocks in the 30 stocks comprising the Dow Jones Industrial Average could be correlated. As this study was done on a limited data set, the 43% success rate could be increased by adding more data.

For custom coding requests along the lines of this approach, reach out to us and lets talk.


If you were a publisher or a content writer, we are sure you would like to latch on to a breaking story. Elements of these stories can often be found in large public datasets.

Take the example of Reveal. This project scraped extremist Facebook groups and compared their membership rolls to those of law enforcement groups on Facebook—and found a lot of overlap

For custom coding requests along the lines of this approach, reach out to us and lets talk.

Direct to Customer Entrepreneur

A coffee grinder retailer on Amazon was analyzing their own and competitor customer reviews. They began to notice that customers were talking about the lack of a lid on one of the competitor models. A manual coffee grinder with a dishwasher-safe silicon lid was introduced and since its launch, this model is in the top 20 coffee grinders on Amazon.

For custom coding requests along the lines of this approach, reach out to us and lets talk.

Product Owner

Did you know that one of the first growth hacks that was used by Airbnb was to email folks that had listed their property for rent on Craigslist? The founders of Airbnb started off manually at first, when it came to using this tactic. But because this tactic was so successful, they decided to code and automate this.

For custom coding requests along the lines of this approach, reach out to us and lets talk.

  • What is the best way to use The Tachitools Trending Topic Finder?
    • If you are a journalist, potential e-commerce entrepreneur or blogger, we suggest trying what is known as a few ‘head terms’ first. A ‘head term’ is a key phrase that is what most people would search for example ‘massager’. At this point, we don't know what kind of a ‘massage’ is someone looking for.
    • Once you search for a head term, based on the search results below, we will surface related topics and keywords that users are searching for. This is where it will get interesting.
    • As a user, you can now pick and choose the niche topics and keywords (also sometimes known as the ‘long tail’) to get to those narrow and niche topics and keywords where search demand may be growing way over the overall demand for the ‘head term’.
    • The source data we use to report on search volume is Google search data
  • What countries do you have data for?
    • The list of countries we have data for is growing all the time. All the countries we have data for are available in the drop-down menu in your account.
  • What states do we have data for?
    • Many countries have the concept of a state or a province. Where available we show this data and in some cases where the search volume is really small, we end up with no data.
  • How often is the data updated?
    • We typically update our data once a month. Data values for the preceding month are updated in the second to the third week of the next month.
  • How accurate is this data?
    • The data we share with you is based on sample data. We do our best to approximate the search volume and suggest that you use the data we provide as a starting point and use other research methodologies to validate the findings we share with you.
    • As searches in each geo and time period specified differ and need to hit a certain minimum, we cannot be sure of uncovering every single trend all the time.
    • The categories or industry verticals categorization is also available on a best-effort basis. We recommend doing searches both with the industry categorization and without to determine the presence or absence of a trend.
    • The search volume number includes search volume for related keywords to an extent.
    • If you have any other questions, that you would like to have answered, please let us know.

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